Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stupid DUMBASS Brother-in-law

So my dumbass brother-in-law last night decides he's gonna be a BIG MAN and squares up on me, jumping up and down, screaming like an idiot at the top of his lungs, waving his arms and towering over me.

At this point I would like to point out a few things.
a)  I am a girl
b)  Brother-in-law is my high school friend, with my sister now
c)  Brother-in-law is 7 inches taller than me
d)  Brother-in-law outweighs me by 100 pounds
e)  I weigh 135 and am 5'9"

So, with ALL those advantages over me that are clearly visible to all around us, he decided to show his ass to his daughter and all her friends, who happened to be there for her 17th birthday party, by having a meltdown and taking it out on me.

He is a sorry ass.  He just had a heart attack.  I was not talking TO him but about a dead friend of his and he overheard and decided to butt in.  In so doing, he received the apathy of my tongue, which was this; I simply did not care about what he was saying.  I mentioned the dead friend's facebook page was still live and people continued to post to it.  It was then he interrupted and told me there was a memorial page.  I said that was not what I was talking about and went BACK to what I was saying before he stuck his nose into it.  He cut me off and insisted he was going to explain the memorial page to me.  I did not want to hear it, said so, and added "I didn't care for the guy when he was alive" to end the conversation.

It was then he leapt to his feet, from zero to sixty in zero, screaming, face red, eyes wide, arms flailing around over his head, towering over me, saying whatever stupid shit he was saying.  No one HEARS what a madman is saying, they just look for the exit. 

And I did.  I picked up my bag, walked to my car as he was saying "I love you but I'm done."  while he walked away from his own damn party, leaving his own damn guests with their mouths open.  I told him to fuck off as I got into my car and drove away. 

I've heard that shit before.  "I love you" screamed in a madman's voice, on the heels of something that says "I AM RIGHT!  YOU ARE WRONG!  I AM A MAN AND I CAN IMPOSE MYSELF IN ORDER TO WIN!"  More like saying, "I'm a big fat dumbass!  Look at me! Look at ME DAMMIT!"  Followed by "I love you but I'm done," with the conversation ending walk-away-so I-don't-lose-my-self-control. 

Like you DIDN'T just do.  Right.

Here's my point.  I really don't care about brother-in-law or his feelings at this moment.  His lack of self control and "show of force" tells me all I am ever going to need to know about him.  He is another loser man with no self control who ends conversations with force, not reason, at the embarrassment of his daughter, her friends and my sister.

Shame on you, asshole.  Do you talk to MY SISTER that way?  Is that how you settle things when no one else is there but you two?  That will not end well for you, my friend.  You had better stop.

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