Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another Dumbass Man

After posting about my dumbass brother-in-law, I got to thinking WHY I thought what he did was asinine.  And it WAS asinine. 

My now BELOVED EX-husband, has issues.  Many, many issues.

He's a controlling dolt.  I have two kids, he had two dogs.  We both worked and I had to commute quite a distance.  Dinner is not something to be discussed at dinnertime amongst the adults and agreed upon before ANYTHING gets started.  Its what you eat when you get home and I cooked so it would be ready and kids could get to homework and baths as soon as possible.  Shut up and eat.

But this troll wouldn't eat what I cooked.  "I hate vegetables,"  he said.  Yeah...  But we are adults here and you're getting fat and pasty and look generally like shit.  He didn't want it if it wasn't bread, breaded, deep fried or brown in color.  He unashamedly ordered food in a restaurant and said "no vegetables on my plate.  I hate vegetables."  I would be SO embarrassed when he did that.

I took meat out of the freezer in the morning in order to cook at night when I got home.  We actually got into a huge fight one night when I had dinner ready when he got home and HE didn't feel like eating that on that particular night.  FUCK OFF, ASSHOLE!  What?  Are you 12?  Oh, that's right.  You actually ARE juvenile and petty.  You don't want any vegetables and your mother cuts your meat when you visit, you fop. 

He actually told me that I was supposed to consult with him, AT dinnertime, before starting ANYTHING.  O  M  G

The really sad part is he believes he is right.  When I had HIM cook, it was mac and cheese, french fries and frozen chicken nuggets.  No vegetables.  Gross.  Sometimes he wanted frozen fish sticks.  Sometimes breaded chicken patties.  Sometimes pizza with no vegetables.  When we ate what he wanted, because I couldn't make him something different, which I always offered, we ALL got fat like him.  And if we didn't eat what he ate, he WHINED and made everyone's life a general hell until we did.

Until, among other things, his whiny ass couldn't take it anymore and did what most 12 year olds do.  He ran away.  And he's SO right.  He believes.

There will be more about this winner.  I may even say his name out loud.  He thinks he is such a dialed in guy but he's just a BUS DRIVER.  Big fucking deal.  Like every other bus driver out there, you are bald and getting more and more rotund.  Is that required for ballast on the corners in your big Prevost?  Do you know how stupid you look?

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